At Tumble Shine Gymnastics we are here to help each child grow not only with skills relating to gymnastics and dance, but as a person as well. We believe every child is special and strive to learn each child's individual needs so we are better able to assist them in their goals. Our staff is chosen from their love of children and having a strong background in gymnastics,  tumbling, trampoline, and/ or cheerleading. 

Let us help your child shine

Our goal is to leave a lasting impression on each child who walks in our doors with not only gymnastics skills but: Coordination, strength & flexibility, and a solid foundation for fitness* Cross training for a variety of sports and recreational activities* Strong balance skills * Self-esteem and confidence *Goal setting skills and concentration * Social interaction with peers * Respect for self and others * Dedication and perseverance * Responsibility * Teamwork and sportsmanship 

  • Trampolines

  • Portable tumble track

  • 80 ft Rod Floor

  • 6 x 12 string bed trampoline

  • 45ft tuumble trampoline

  • Full cheer floor

  • Floor mats

  • Landing blocks and crash mats

  • Training aids and foam blocks

  • Preschool area

  • Proshop 

  • Parent viewing are



Our 10,000sqft facility is home to many competitive and non-competitive athletes who strive to learn the art of Tumbling, Trampoline & Cheer. Downstairs we have our instructional and competitive programs while upstairs we offer preschool classes.


Give us a call to set up your free trial class today at 859-985-7429.  

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